Tips To Care Your Leather

A leather bag is a precious and favourable possession to have for almost everyone. The time-consuming process of leather tanning, the careful thoughts given to details in craftsmanship for producing premium quality leather bags have made Goose leather products very special and precious. One should keep in mind the fact that our leather products are not made from metal, ceramic or any synthetic material. These are organic artifacts – which may deteriorate and fade if proper care is not taken to preserve them. Good quality leather bags can last for years if proper care is taken. Proper care prevents the leather from drying out and cracking and protects it from excessive moisture that can cause growth of mold.  So, a good quality leather bag deserves better treatment with care.

                         ·         Store your leather bag in its original bag with stuffing to maintain the shape.

                         ·         Keep a packet of silica gel inside the bag so that it will not be dumped.

                         ·         Air once in every two weeks to prevent the growth of mold.

Time-tested quality leather lasts longer because it is made durable by improving its longevity with some very special manufacturing techniques and processes. You should preserve it with care to ensure that it will last lifetime. But, preservation is not confined only to taking care, but knowing and implementing what is necessary to ensure its durability.

Clean, condition and protect your leather

You can maintain softness and suppleness of leather by ensuring a proper cleaning regimen. When you take care of your leather product, you can maintain it for longer. The conditioning of leather also depends on the geographical location in which you are living. If it is a hot and humid climate zone, then your leather may need conditioning especially when it starts to fade, look dull, seemingly feeble and less svelte. As your skin needs conditioning to look fresh, shiny and oily, so is your leather whenever it goes dry.

Leather maintenance tips

Never use water alone to swipe or clean or wet and soak leather – rather use a cotton cloth soaked in water to clean it – and then remove wetness by using another clean and dry cloth.

When leather gets wet, then try to soak water by using a thick cotton cloth ensuring that no more water remains – dry the leather afterwards.

Do not use any unrecognized chemical, agent or alcohol or any other liquid to clean your leather goods.

Avoid exposing leather to direct sunlight as it tends to dry and fade the leather. Sunlight dries out leather making it brittle – brittleness cracks and deteriorate your leather.

Avoid storing leather in humid conditions or too hot or too cold conditions – always ensure dry environment for storing leather.

Don’t keep cosmetics open inside leather bags – ensure that they are properly covered prior to being put inside.

Don’t touch leather with greasy and oily hands as it is susceptible to absorb grease and oils.

Ensure that nail polish remover and turpentine should never come in contact with leather.

Don’t keep the stuff that might leak and spill inside leather bags – such as inks, nail polish, etc.

Don’t wrap leather in a plastic or any foil this will deprive aeration and causes leather deterioration.

Don’t stretch out your leather and worn it out. It will lose its originality this way.

Don’t keep leather unattended for several months or years together. It is better to use it periodically and dress it intermittently.

Never allow dirt and dirt particles to gather on leather – or else they may cause severe abrasion deep from inside – which will cause irreparable damage.

To clean dirt, use soft bristles brush. This will help in getting rid of dirt; use a soft cotton cloth to remove the remaining dirt. Next, use a damp cloth to clean the leather and then dry it off.

If you wet your leather in rain, then don’t try to dry it instantly using a drier or fire or any other means – rather let the leather dry at room temperature allowing it to settle a bit. 

Be careful when you visit to a hairdressing saloon with your bag on because hair sprays, hair care products and colouring agents can damage your leather. Therefore, keep your bag in a safe cabinet.


When you are not using leather bag, then you must take care of it while storing as well. To ensure this properly, store your bag in a natural-fabric case. If your bag has detachable metal chain, clamps or clips, then remove those and put them in a clean tissue paper and store separately. Stuff your unused bag with bubble wrap to restore and hold its shape. If you want to clean your bag prior to storing it, then allow it to completely air dry before storage.

Coconut oil works wonders

Coconut oil helps in rejuvenating your leather and preventing it from fading. Rub some coconut oil onto leather by moving your hand in circular motions and let the oil penetrate for at least 10 minutes – and then remove excess oil with a new clean cotton cloth.

Use vinegar and olive oil to condition your leather

Mix two parts of vinegar with one-part olive oil and keep this mixture in a spray bottle. If you want this mixture to smell better, add a few drops of fragrance-based natural essential oils to this mixture. Spray on your leather bag or purse and massage the entire surface with a clean cotton cloth in circular motions. Use a dry cloth to remove excess oil from the leather.