Sale & Return Policy

Sale & Return Policy

Here are the terms related to the sale of leather goods and products available on the website by to you.

Our Contract

You place an order on – which is an offer from you to buy the leather products from As soon as you place an order on to buy a product or some products, you will receive a confirmatory e-mail from us. The e-mail is an order confirmation e-mail. It confirms the receipt of an order from you along with the details of your order. This e-mail is construed as an acknowledgement to the order that you placed and that we have received the order, but it does not confirm acceptance of your offer to buy the goods or products ordered. It concludes agreement to sell in conformity with Section 4(3) Sale of Goods Act, 1930. The acceptance of your order and the contract of sale (Section 4(4) of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930) between you and us happens only when the ordered product is dispatched to you and then a confirmatory e-mail is sent mentioning that the product has been dispatched to the address mentioned in the order placed. If you order two to three or more products at once, then you will get only one Dispatch Confirmation e-mail and if you place each order separately at different times, then your orders will be packed and dispatched separately and you may get separate dispatch confirmation e-mails – and therefore, each dispatched product will be construed as an independent sale of contract between us for the product mentioned in the Dispatch Confirmation e-mail.

Placement of an order or a few orders from you confirms that the leather products ordered by you are indeed ordered by you, but not by anyone else on your behalf and that they are meant for only your own personal use, but not for any commercial or promotional purpose (business or re-sale purpose). sell leather products and goods in quantities that are sufficient for an average household requirement or which are in range of a typical household requirement. This is applicable to both – the orders that are placed in a single order comprising more than one product and the orders that are placed separately (several orders for the same products) or individual orders for different products – such orders together comprise a quantity that typifies the requirement of a typical household.

Order Cancellation

You can cancel the ordered product prior to we sending a dispatch confirmation e-mail pertaining to your ordered product.

Product Descriptions strive to be as accurate as possible as far as product descriptions, accuracy, reliability, completeness and merchantability of the product is concerned. However, errors may occur. Therefore, if you receive a product which is not as per the description and features given, you can return the product in an unused condition according to the terms set in our product return policy.

Pricing and availability

The list price or suggested price is the full retail price of the product. The products displayed on the website are listed with their availability information or status. The listed price may or may not constitute existing price in every area on any particular day. The availability status of each product is also displayed on the product information page. The product dispatch time is just an estimation – and therefore, cannot be assumed as specific, so as the case with the product availability information as well.  During processing your order for a particular product opted by you if it is turned out to be unavailable, then you will get an e-mail informing you about the same.

We ensure correct pricing and accurate price lists of our products. However, there might be possibility of errors in spite of our best efforts. If a few products in the catalogue are mispriced (MRP is higher than the stated price), then we will contact you for necessary instructions prior to shipping or cancel your order. You will be informed if any cancellation takes place. If the listed or suggested price of the product is found to be lower than that offered by, we will refund the amount or, according to your acknowledgement, replace the product as per your preference.


The taxes, service charges, duties, cesses, taxes applicable in some states and regions shall be applicable on the purchase of any product from – and therefore, any applicable taxes may include, but not restricted to service tax, custom duty, excise duty or any other tax levied by local, state, regional and national bodies or governments or respective authorities.

Return Policy return policy is applicable if any product ordered by a user is not in good physical shape and condition or damaged during shipping and delivery. A user can return any product during delivery or within seven days if the packaging is found to be defective or received in unhealthy condition or the product quality is not up to the mark or not good to use.

A product which is unopened and the packaging is found to be defective or an opened product which is found to be defective can be returned within seven days of receiving the product. But, a product may not be eligible for return or replacement if it is damaged due to misuse or incidentally damaged or it is tampered or lacks codes, tags, serial numbers or product identification codes. The product may not be eligible for return if it is returned without original accessories or packaging or without the items included along with the delivery. In addition, a product with a defect or damage not covered under manufacturer’s warranty is not eligible for return.

Refund Policy strives to offer its services continuously and as per the commitment, but sometimes due to any unusual circumstances, we may not be able to serve our customers as per our commitment. In such cases, we will inform our customers through phone, e-mail or text message within 24 hours. Furthermore, for a service requiring refund, we will process it after acknowledging it and the complete process may take around 10 to 15 days’ time. We will process refund requests under these circumstances: if we are unable to serve the ordered or requested product or when a customer returns a product from a paid order and if the returned product is accepted.